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Meet Kevin Morris

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I'm running for office to give people a true voice in our state legislature. Texans deserve a Representative who will listen to their concerns and implement true solutions. I did not see those values in my opponent’s response to the pandemic or the failure of our energy grid. I know that we can build a government that cares for its people. I develop creative solutions and solve complex problems daily in my career. I will work to pass legislation that helps steer our state towards a better future.

Kevin's Story

I am proud to be running to represent House District 67 and give the people a real choice in this election. I chose to raise my family and build my future in Collin County, Texas because I know it is a great place to live. Before I moved to Texas about 15 years ago, I had been a server and bartender, but I knew something else better was out there for me. During the Great Recession, I moved to Texas by putting my possessions in my car and driving towards the hope of opportunities. I have now built a successful career and started my family. I want to ensure that my family and other future generations have the same opportunity to build a successful life in this great state that we call home.

I have been married to my wonderful wife, Kelly, for 7 years and am the proud step father of two teenage children. I currently work for a Fortune 500 corporation and am heavily involved in my children's extracurricular activities. You'll often see our family's best friends on the campaign trail with me: our dogs, Charlotte the Goldendoodle, Kane the Great Pyrenees, and Lela the Maltipoo.


The truth is that I'm not much different from many of you. I'm a family man who believes in freedom and the great opportunities Texas can provide. I was raised in a conservative household outside of Detroit. As I grew older I realized that there was a lack of basic compassion in these values and began to view myself as a Democrat. I was involved in our community organizations before becoming a Collin County Democratic Precinct Chair.

I am inspired by my family every day. Our future generations deserve to be able to thrive and trust that their government is working for us all. Our state is facing a list of devastating issues, but many of these can be solved with common sense legislation. I will work towards real change, including repealing the abortion ban, increasing funding for our public schools, and fighting the voter suppression laws that threaten our democracy. 

I believe in representing all Texans. I will listen to my constituents to understand the issues that are affecting our community daily and utilize the office to work towards true solutions for us all. I look forward to earning your vote for Texas House of Representatives District 67 in the November 2022 General Election. 


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Texas House District 67

Kevin Morris is running to represent the 67th District of the Texas House of Representatives. This district covers the north east portion of Collin County. This includes all or parts of the following cities:

Blue Ridge
Lowry Crossing


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