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We deserve better from our government.

This election is personal for all of us. I genuinely care about securing the best future for my own family and our country. We live in unprecedented times with frequent attacks on our American freedoms and liberties. I will work to protect our constitutional rights by fighting the current voter suppression efforts, repealing the Texas abortion ban, increasing funding for public schools, and other common sense legislation that will improve the livelihoods of everyday Texans.


We deserve honest, principled leaders who will put the safety and well-being of Texans first, regardless of what party they come from. That's why your vote in this election is more important than ever. Once in office, I will give regular people a voice and implement solutions that benefit us all.  I'm Kevin Morris and a vote for me in 2022 is a vote for change. I hope to earn your support by November and have the opportunity to represent the 67th House District in Collin County, Texas.

Funding Public Schools

One of the most common concerns among voters is ensuring the quality of our public schools. The current Texas Legislature has repeatedly defunded our schools, which now rank 43rd nationally. There is also a major teacher shortage affecting the entire state. We must increase the basic allotment for the funding of our public schools and ensure our teachers are able to teach the lessons our children need the most in order to be successful. 

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Accessible Health Care

Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people in the country at 18 million people. The Texas Government did not accept federal funds to expand Medicaid, which is having a detrimental effect on the people of our state. We must prioritize increasing access to health care in a way that avoids skyrocketing costs. We have a responsibility to provide accessible and affordable health care to everyone.

Ensuring Reproductive Freedom

All people need to feel confident that their government will be allies with them as they decide, alongside their doctor, the best decision for them and their families.  I know firsthand how difficult these decisions can be due to the miscarriage my wife and I had. The Texas abortion ban is having a detrimental effect on peoples’ lives every day. I will work tirelessly to repeal SB 8 and ensure that people have the right to all health care.


Fixing our Energy Grid

My family and I struggled for multiple days without power during Winter Storm Uri in 2021. The avoidable tragedy of the Texas Energy Grid failure has not been addressed by our government, but Texans are now paying higher energy costs that will continue for decades. The people of Texas should not be on the hook for the massive bill in the billions of dollars that was caused by the lack of oversight and regulation of our energy grid.

Protecting our Environment

We only have one planet earth and Texas could  be leading in sustainability. We must continue to embrace alternative forms of energy such as wind and solar to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels. Pollution has a disproportionate effect on low income communities and this must be taken into consideration as we work towards environmental solutions. I will fight to protect the future of our planet for my own children and us all.

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Securing Voting Rights

In order to protect our Democracy, we must ensure that our elections are accessible to all. This past decade the Texas GOP has passed more restrictive voting restriction laws to stay in power and deny people their vote. I will work to expand voting rights and fight the voter suppression laws being enacted in Texas.

Common Sense Solutions

It has become clear that the current GOP Representatives care more about staying in power than solving the problems across our state. There are several pieces of common sense legislation we can implement now to bring positive change to Texas. Enacting changes such as gun safety reform, increasing the minimum wage, investing in our infrastructure, legalizing marijuana, and protecting LGBT+ rights are common sense solutions supported by a majority of Americans. Once elected, I will work to bring these solutions to Texas.

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