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  • Kevin Morris

“Democracy is based on the notion that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.”

If nothing else, I am absolutely ordinary. I’ve lived in Texas for 14 years now. I moved to North Texas on a whim during the Great Recession in 2008, because the economy in Michigan, where I grew up, was in shambles. I crammed anything and everything I could into my Ford Focus and drove down here with nothing else but a couch to crash on. I figured that in the worst case scenario, I’d be able to wait tables in a Dallas restaurant to make ends meet. After just a few years, I was able to build a successful career for myself.

My family was raised as Republican, and I had carried that label around until just a few years ago. The party seemed to be moving further and further right, while my political ideals started to align more with who I truly am. I switched parties when it became clear that no Republican had the backbone to stand up to Donald Trump’s pettiness, narcissism, racism, and ugliness. There was no leadership and I could no longer support that. I was proud to vote for Joe Biden in 2020.

I became a Democratic Precinct Chair and started having conversations with my neighbors. I realized that I wasn’t alone. Many people felt the same way about the Republican Party but hadn’t yet made the switch. I was inspired by these stories of my neighbors who shared the vision of a better future for Texas. All of this is to say, I’m just an ordinary person, trying to do something extraordinary.

I'm running for office to give people a true voice in our state legislature. Texans deserve a Representative who will listen to their concerns and implement true solutions. I did not see those values in my opponent’s response to the pandemic or the failure of our energy grid. I’m running for House of Representatives against a 5 term incumbent who has repeatedly ignored popular sentiment. My opponent has voted against the will and best interests of the people in our district. He has shown that the people of HD 67 have been an afterthought in a politicians quest to gather political capital. I know that we can turn this page and build a government that cares for its people.

This is personal to me. Polls have shown that 78% of Texans support abortion, especially in situations where the life of the mother is in jeopardy. One of these situations is a D&C, which follows similar procedures as an abortion but is performed when there is no longer a heartbeat detected. In other words, when a pregnancy is no longer viable. This is considered an abortion, but this is absolutely necessary medical care to ensure the health of the mother. This issue hits home for wife and I. Four years ago, she had an unfortunate miscarriage and needed emergency care. Under the Texas Abortion Ban passed last year, which was supported by my opponent, we would have had to obtain her care in another state or risk her health and well being. This is absolutely unconscionable.

My opponent has remained silent on these life threatening issues and voted against legislation that would improve the lives of his constituents. My opponent did not fight for you when our Governor refused to expand Medicaid. He should have been loud and passionate in advocating for the need for it to save lives. This current Representative also voted against common sense solutions, such as expanding rural broadband. People’s livelihood suffers with these decisions.

I’ve talked to far too many people who are suffering in Texas. Many have either left the state, or are strongly considering it because of the reduced quality of life they’re experiencing. I’m running for the state legislature because I love Texas. It’s given me a life far greater than I ever thought possible. I want to do the same for my community and build a better future for us all.

We need to be more respectful and tolerant of each other. We need to treat others with compassion and dignity. We must expand Medicaid and care for those who are in need. We should fully fund our public schools and address the teacher shortage. We need to fix our energy grid to make sure it’s capable of standing up to extreme weather and changing climate. We have to turn the page on the party division of the past and focus on serving others in order to save our democracy.

To do these things, we need to vote like our lives depend on it, because for many of us, they do. I am running so that I can give back to the place that has given me so much. I will work to implement real solutions that benefit all Texans. But I can’t do this alone; I need your generous support, both in time and with your hard earned money. We appreciate any support you can give.

I am Kevin Morris; I am running for Texas House District 67 so that I can serve my community in the best way that I know how, bringing hard-work, transparency, and care to the State Legislature.

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